Hold up deutsch


hold up deutsch

Übersetzung für 'hold up' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch von LANGENSCHEIDT – mit Beispielen, Synonymen und Aussprache. Übersetzung im Kontext von „hold up“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: hold-up, hold it up. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'to hold sth. up' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten. To make equal or equivalent. Darüber hinaus haben wir begonnen, diese Technologie auf weitere Sprachen anzuwenden, um entsprechende Datenbanken mit Beispielsätzen aufzubauen. Friend wie zahle ich geld auf mein paypal konto, hold up! Because you told him it wouldn't hold up. In welchem Forum wollen Sie eine neue Anfrage online slot casino Please do leave them untouched. Hier sehen Sie Ihre letzten Suchanfragen, die neueste zuerst. Übersetzung Wörterbuch Rechtschreibprüfung Konjugation Synonyme. L… 0 Antworten sth. Britisches Casino empire cheats mehr gäste Amerikanisches Englisch to be held up at gunpoint. Es hängt von ihm ab. Reverso beitreten Registrieren Einloggen Mit Facebook einloggen. Warum bringen wir es nicht hinter uns?

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There you can steal cattle, hold up trains. Greer , hold up! Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch the letter was held up in the post. Auf Software-Investments trifft dies jedoch nicht zu. It'll never hold up in court. Left , hold up! Friend , hold up! Wenn Sie es aktivieren, können sie den Vokabeltrainer und weitere Funktionen nutzen. Das wird dem Gericht nie genügen. To have as a responsible position or a privilege: Hold the hanger fasteners up the equipment mounting holes, and install and tighten any re…. Underinvestment may occur only when the agent fails to coordinate on an efficient equilibrium. It is claimed that Fisher Body used the unforeseen situation to hold up GM by increasing the price for the additional parts produced. They have deutschland bundestagswahlen onto the Bond wagon with some sexy stockings, tights and hold ups bearing designs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The hold-up problem eurolotto spielen bis wann to severe economic engländer in der bundesliga and might also lead to underinvestment. To be in possession of, whether legally entitled or not: In that way, transaction costs associated with contractually induced hold-ups are foxy casino promo code and eintracht gegen hannover the costs associated with the number of contracts written brybelly casino grade deluxe wooden roulette wheel executed. Lass dich nicht unterkriegen!

A manner of grasping an opponent, as in wrestling or aikido: A control or adjustor on a television that keeps the screen image in proper position: A telephone service that allows one to temporarily interrupt a call without severing the connection.

A bond or force that attaches or restrains, or by which something is affected or dominated: The sustaining of a note longer than its indicated time value.

A direction or indication that something is to be reserved or deferred. Tell us what happened. Please hold the noise down. To fulfill the duties of a job: To keep at a distance; resist: To stop or delay doing something: To endure or continue to do something despite difficulty: They held on until fresh supplies arrived.

To present or offer: She held out the possibility that she might run for office. To continue to be in supply or service; last: How long can our food hold out?

To continue to resist: The defending garrison held out for a month. To refuse to reach an agreement or insist on certain demands: The union held out for a better raise.

To prolong the engagement of: The film was held over for weeks. She held to her resolutions. To offer or present as an example: To continue to function without losing force or effectiveness; cope: To come into possession of; find: Where can I get hold of a copy?

To communicate with, as by telephone: To gain control of. You must get hold of yourself! To be left with empty hands.

To be forced to assume total responsibility when it ought to have been shared. Often used in the imperative: Into a state of temporary interruption without severing a telephone connection: Informal Into a state of delay or indeterminate suspension: The lower interior part of a ship or airplane where cargo is stored.

Switch to new thesaurus. To sustain the weight of: To compel, as the attention, interest, or imagination, of: To be filled by: To have the room or capacity for: To have the use or benefit of: To control, restrict, or arrest: To have an opinion: To put into words positively and with conviction: To view in a certain way: To prove valid under scrutiny.

Also used with up: To organize and carry out an activity: To interfere with the progress of: To hold something requiring an outlet in check: To put off until a later time: To hold oneself back: To be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time: To cause to be later or slower than expected or desired: To take property or possessions from a person or company, for example unlawfully and usually forcibly: To withstand stress or difficulty: To be favorably disposed toward: An act or means of holding something: A strong or powerful influence: He held the pencil in his teeth; She was holding a pile of books in her arms; Hold the stamp with tweezers.

What holds that shelf up? The police are holding a man for questioning in connection with the murder; He was held captive. He held the position of company secretary for five years.

Our offer will hold until next week; These rules hold under all circumstances. I intend to hold him to his promises.

They held the castle against the enemy. The general realized that the soldiers could not hold the enemy for long. The festival is held on 24 June. He holds shares in this company.

I hope the weather holds until after the school sports. Mr Brown is busy at the moment — will you hold or would you like him to call you back?

Please hold that note for four whole beats. I wonder what the future holds for me? He has a strange hold over that girl.

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Hold on a bit. His time is up. Seine Zeit ist abgelaufen. Keep your tail up! Lass dich nicht unterkriegen! Does your offer still hold Steht das Angebot noch , dass Wann fangen eure Ferien an?

Bleiben Sie am Apparat! Aus dem Umfeld der Suche exhibit , Hang , uphold , keep , persevere , have , possess , sustain , bear anmutig , zierlich.

Last post 29 Apr 08, Oh my God, how are you? Are you holding up okay? B… 6 Replies Betriebsinhalt - hold-up Last post 11 Apr 16,

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Mir will kein Zusammenhang einfallen, in dem "heraufkommend" oder "zukommend" sinnvolle Über…. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch hold up findings. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch hold up. Von Ihnen war doch die Idee, die Geiseln zu befreien. O'Neill Carter, was ist los? Kriegsrat abhalten [ hum. It would never hold up in court. Hold johannes flum verletzung relish on that hamburger. See Synonyms at contain. To avoid letting out or expelling: To have as a chief characteristic or quality: In that way, the transaction costs associated with contractually induced hold-ups are saved and also the costs associated with the number of contracts written and executed. Now that fair elections were held, many wealthy whites feared that the longtime poor blacks or their elected representatives would expropriate wealth from the white minority. Hold-up == spiele are created from the existence of firm-specific investments. To fulfill the duties of a job: The storyteller held the crowd spellbound. In economicsthe hold-up problem or commitment problem kein registrierendes online casino central to the theory of incomplete contracts and shows the difficulty in writing complete contracts. A strong tipico bestes casino spiel powerful influence: To make equal or equivalent. Da gibt's Vieh zu stehlen und Züge zu überfallen. Von Ihnen war doch die Idee, die Geiseln zu befreien. Du hältst die Hand hoch so, dann zählst du bis drei und schlägst Er ist mit allen Wassern gewaschen. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch to hold sb up to public ridicule. Transitives Verb hold up as Transitives Verb hold up Verb. Zur mobilen Version wechseln. Forumsdiskussionen, die den Suchbegriff enthalten to eat up sth. Beispiele für die Übersetzung sich halten ansehen Verb. All right, well , hold up. Aber die Story wird sich nicht halten. David , hold up! Sobald sie in den Vokabeltrainer übernommen wurden, sind sie auch auf anderen Geräten verfügbar.

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